L♥U Swedish & Pakistani wedding

17 October, 2018

Let me introduce to you a dreamy hybrid between Swedish & Pakistani culture and traditions! Im officially in love with this wedding!
L&U met as teenagers and have been together for 10 years! They looked liked they’ve just met, and when I told them they are like newly in love the groom replied “We had 10 wonderful years”! What a sweet statement!

This forever gorgeous wedding took place at the bride’s beautiful family house outside Jönköping, Sweden. And just before the cozy outdoor ceremony under an open air- the rain stopped! 🙂 The wedding party continued on a beautiful hill top restaurant with a magnificent view over the town and the lake.

Since many years back I’ve wanted to capture a wedding like this, so I was so grateful when L&U decided to have me as their wedding photographer! Huge thanks for letting me capture your special wedding day – it was beyond fantastic!


SNEAK PEEK: L♥U Swedish & Pakistani wedding

2 August, 2018

Yesterday’s wedding just blowed me away! It was a sweet hybrid between Swedish & Pakistani culture and traditions, with a stunning couple in focus! Nobody could miss their love for each other. They met as teenagers 10 years ago, and yesterday they tied their knot at the bride’s beautiful family house outside Jönköping, Sweden. The rain just stopped before the ceremony in the cozy garden – talk about perfect timing! 🙂

The day before the wedding I had a preshoot with the couple and told them they look newly in love. The groom to be replied “We had 10 wonderful years”!

I’ve always wanted to capture a wedding like this, and it was such a pleasure to do it for L&U, huge thanks for letting me be part of your special wedding day!
Here are some glimpses, stay tuned for more! 🙂


30 July, 2018

Happy first anniversary J&J!
Last year on this day, this sweet couple tied their knot in Fasterna church North of Stockholm, Sweden. What a beautiful day it was – check out their wedding photos here! Before their wedding, we had a preshoot, a treat I have with all my wedding clients! As the sun was setting, we visited the locations for their big day, and they got to try out standing in front of the camera. Giggling and having fun, they knocked out the camera with their love!
Tomorrow I’m heading off for another wedding, and pre loveshoot, can’t wait to capture some sweet love again! <3


14 September, 2017

Jessica & Jakob, what an amazing and beautiful couple! So grateful for this amazing wedding photoshoot this summer around Rånäs castle outside of Stockholm! Congratulations to your marriage! I wish you lots of sweet love, happiness and health, a pinch of crazy
& whole lot of awesomeness!  ♥


31 July, 2017

Yesterday was such a beautiful day! J&J who I photographed a month ago tied their knot in Fasterna church North of Stockholm and I had the privilege to capture their sweet & touching wedding ceremony and take their wedding portraits! Love is so beautiful & precious! These two love birds really showed what it is all about!
Thank you for letting me capture your special day! Here is a sneak peek – more will come up soon!
I wish you many happy years to come and an awesome honeymoon! <3


13 July, 2017

Last week I had such a sweet photoshoot! J&J are soon tying the knot and we met for a pre-wedding shoot which I always have for my wedding clients. I had been hunting for a location around where they will get married and got so happy when I saw a beautiful corn flower field! The sun was setting and it was just perfect for capturing their glowing love. I have tons of amazing pictures and can’t wait to share with with you! Until then you’ll have this sneak peek!

Can’t wait for their big day! Yay! <3

Gift of Moments

9 December, 2016


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