Do you work for an NGO or likewise and get poor images and stories from the field? Does your staff lack understanding on the importance of images and human interest stories in international development & humanitarian work? Does your organization struggle to bring faces of people in your tiresome project reports? Then I’m here to help you out!




In a creative, fun and participatory action I train and capacitate development and humanitarian workers in the skills of taking captivating images and help them write good and appealing stories. I facilitate professional workshops relating photo and international development. My extensive photo travels to more than 40 countries around the world enabled me to show what I see, bring about people and culture, their inter functionality and harmony. With progressive 10 years long experience in professional development work and communications role my cameras stored a lot that I can share with you about creating visibility of people in documentations and stories of civil society. Working as an international development programs & communication coordinator for an international NGO (ADRA), that is present in over 125 countries worldwide, I have insights and experience in both the programming and communication work. Being a professional photographer brings quality to the table. With all these put together, I conduct workshops that combines both practice and theory in order to strengthen the capacity of development and humanitarian workers. I have conducted workshops for The Swedish Mission Council and its member organisations, ERIKS, The Ministry of Health in Zambia, ADRA Uganda, ADRA Mauritania, ADRA Africa and others.


Izla has in a pedagogical and playful way led a two-hour workshop “Photos in Focus”, about how we can create a story using pictures when we make visits to development projects. The workshop was held at the Swedish Mission Council member days and the evaluation showed that the workshop was highly appreciated by the participants. – Christine Söderberg, Communications Strategist, SMC



  • Understand the importance of photos in development & humanitarian work.
  • Basic knowledge in photography & practical skills.
  • Inspire staff to take appealing pictures.
  • Where are the people in your projects? The role of people and their stories.
  • How to write appealing human interest stories.


  • Understand the importance of visual storytelling and documentation.
  • Document informative issues also as an uplifting & positive message.
  • Inspired to collect & write appealing photo stories.
  • Know the essentials of planning a story.
  • Learn how to connect beyond the camera creating a story that will affect a community.

In a 2-day workshop a practice in the field is included whereby participants get the chance to photograph and interview target groups in different assignments. The whole group and I then evaluate the material collected.

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