I♥D maternity shoot

11 January, 2017

It is a very special feeling to capture a mother to be & a couple who are expecting the most precious gift in life. Here is a beautiful maternity shoot from when Stockholm was covered in white snow. I had the privilege to shoot lovely Ingrid and her boyfriend David in a crispy cold & beautiful white winter landscape! Many people hesitate about photoshoots during winter. Here is a glimpse on how magical it can turn out! I also want to use this opportunity to congratulate Ingrid & David for their newborn baby boy!<3

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Newborn ~ Sophia

27 December, 2016

It is very special to capture the first days of a baby’s life. Tiny feet and hands, little fingers and nearly invisible nails, and maybe the first smile or a brief yawn. It’s super lovely! Here is sweetly adorable Sophia, few days old, in her home in Västerås. Today she is a few months old happy baby exploring the world every inch of her days! Time goes so fast that one easily forgets how small their child has been. I must say, capturing the first days is a memory for life! ♥







~ Merry Christmas ~

23 December, 2016

I want to wish a Merry Christmas to all my followers & supporters!
Thank you so much for your lovely comments & constant support! You’re awesome!<3


Sneak Peek: I♥D maternity shoot

12 December, 2016

Yesterday Stockholm was covered in white from tip to toe. I had the privilege to shoot Ingrid, a gorgeous mother to be, and her boyfriend David in a crispy cold & beautiful winter landscape! Many people hesitate about photoshoots during winter. Here is a glimpse on how magical it can turn out!<3



Gift of Moments

9 December, 2016


Do you want to give a beautiful Christmas gift that last forever? A gift made of moments – and not things?

Maybe you know someone who has everything they need? Someone expecting a baby? Getting engaged or married? Get them a photoshoot gift card for any amount! You can order it here: www.izlaphotography.com/contact

Last day to place your order if want it for Christmas is 15th of December.


2 August, 2016

I’m back!
Yeah, its been a while! And its great to be back with a fresh new website! The last years I have been travelling a lot, got married and became a mother! Life took over and pics where just downloaded on hard drives and thats it. Finally, I got the chance to sort them out, make them sharp and create this platform! I hope you like the new look, new images & the new shop!


I also want to take this opportunity to thank all my wonderful supporters, followers and clients! Without you I wouldn’t get the kick and motivation to start Izlaphotography first of all, and then bring it further! I really appreciate those of you who take the time to encourage me in my photography through your comments and kind words. Even something as ridiculously simple as a “like” shows that you cared enough to encourage someone else….. you guys are awesome, and I am so thankful for YOU.

I am still privileged to work as a programs coordinator and communications officer for an international humanitarian agency called ADRA. It is a great opportunity to work to change the life of others. It has also been shaping and inspiring me. Meeting people from different parts of the world; listening to their life stories, challenges and hopes have had a great impact in my life.

If you like travelling, places, culture and pictures of people, you’ve come to the right place. If you love to hear stories of people as it happened, welcome home. If you like weddings and cute kidz you have also come to the right spot. I know it is a broad mixture. But all this is part of my world. And I hope you will stay and enjoy my photograph journey. Cheers! <3