7 August, 2017

I had so much fun shooting this absolutely amazing & fabulous maternity shoot in Stockholm!
We had waited and waited for sun, and lastly we said lets just shoot…and guess what, the sun came out in the end with a beautiful pink sunset! S&M just got their baby prince and I’m delighted to share photos on them expecting their first little precious gift. I wish you guys a beautiful future and lots of happy moments! Thank you for letting me capture this special time of life! <3




30 June, 2017

I had a fabulous maternity shoot in Stockholm the other day! There are so many beautiful pictures & it was hard to pick few ones for a sneak peek! This stunning mum & dad to be were just perfectly gorgeous and so much fun to work with! I was hesitating if the sun would pop up, but it did in the end and thats when we got this magic!
Stay tuned – more is coming up soon! <3

J♥T maternity shoot

9 March, 2017

I just love maternity shoots! Here is one in Hagaparken, Stockholm, midst snow and ice. Beautiful mother to be Josefine was glowing like a star and didn’t mind the cold at all! Her and her lovely husband are expecting a baby girl anytime soon! I’m so happy that I got to capture their beautiful pregnancy! I wish them all the best and lots of happy moments in their new chapter in life. Many people hesitate about photoshoots during winter. Here is a glimpse on how magical it can turn out!


6 March, 2017

Capturing such a miracle of life is always something special. Its even more amazing when it is the third time in the row. Yesterday was freezing cold in my hometown Västerås. But Johanna was glowing like princess on the snow! It has been awesome to follow Johanna from her wedding, to her first, second and now third pregnancy! Here is a sneak peek, more is coming up soon! 🙂

Sneak Peek: J♥T maternity shoot

27 February, 2017

Yesterday was cold winter day in Stockholm, Sweden. But a young lady and her husband were glowing at Hagaparken during our maternity photo shoot! Josefin & Thomas are expecting a baby girl anytime soon. It was such a delight to be able to capture their beautiful pregnancy! Josefin was so brave to stand in thin clothes and high heels (!) midst the snow! Here is a little sneak peek on the magic we created! Stay tuned for more!<3

I♥D maternity shoot

11 January, 2017

It is a very special feeling to capture a mother to be & a couple who are expecting the most precious gift in life. Here is a beautiful maternity shoot from when Stockholm was covered in white snow. I had the privilege to shoot lovely Ingrid and her boyfriend David in a crispy cold & beautiful white winter landscape! Many people hesitate about photoshoots during winter. Here is a glimpse on how magical it can turn out! I also want to use this opportunity to congratulate Ingrid & David for their newborn baby boy!<3

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