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Hands of history

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Silence doesn’t heal wounds. History can be ignored and not recognized, it can be falsely written but it can never be erased from people’s experiences, memories and marks they carry deep within their identity. This old lady that I met in the village Sherebale in my homeland Turabdin, in South East Turkey, bears marks from the genocide 1914 not only in her skin but also in her heart and soul. Nobody can take it from her. It’s her experience through horrific and inhumane persecution and discrimination. Will she ever experience the recognition of it, peace & freedom she is longing for?



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These photographs shall be treated as special pieces of art, not as usual posters. As such I only print a limited number of copies for each of my images. Your limited edition print will show which number your print is and the size of the limited edition collection.

I put my signature on the photographs and provide a certificate guaranteeing authenticity, and a complimentary text for the story the image carries.

PAPER QUALITY & PRINTING OPTIONS Photographs are printed on 100% cotton fibre, heavy fine art paper that is certified museum grade archival quality using high quality ink. This makes the photograph come alive and ensures that the print retains its original colour during a long life on the wall. If framed appropriately, the prints should remain in perfect condition for a little shorter than eternity. All images are examined by hand before they are printed. The smooth surface and feel of Fine Art Print Rag make this paper extremely versatile. Made from 100% cotton, the acid-free fine art paper is great for printing the deepest of blacks and the most vibrant of colours. So whether your favourite photo is a timeless black and white landscape or colourful landscape, it will look amazing as Fine Art Print. Even better, the matt finish makes it ideal for viewing the incredibly crisp detail from any angle. FRAMES & MOUNTING I currently offer the following framing options:

  • Aluminium: The print is mounted on a 3mm aluminium plate. If you choose aluminium you can also get mounting hooks on the back so you can hang the print directly on the wall.
  • Cardboard: The print is mounted on a 3mm cardboard plate. This is the most common mounting because the image doesn’t get too thick and it helps if you want to put it in a frame.
Passepartout for framing & protection spray can also be purchased. PRINT SIZES Prints are available in the sizes listed but can be custom printed to other sizes at a nominal fee.

Framed prints can only be ordered within Sweden. For international orders unframed prints are recommended. I post all unframed prints safely and carefully rolled and inserted in a protected hard cardboard tube.